Knowing how the Downey Jail operates will help you avoid mistakes.
When a person is arrested for any crime, misdemeanor or felony charge(s), they will be detained and taken directly to the Downey Jail which is inside the Downy Police Department located in Downey, CA. Although the police department and jail are open 24 hours to accept bail bonds and release arrestees, the jail will often transfer arrestees shortly after they arrive at the jail. It is important that our bail bondsman makes contact with the jailer immediately to prevent the arrestee from being transferred to one of the Los Angeles County Jails where it takes significantly longer to complete the booking and release process.

Downey Police Department

Entrance to Downy Police Department

Booking and Bail for the Downey Police Station Jail

Once a person arrives at the jail, the jailer will start the booking process by collecting the individual’s personal information such as name, contact information, employment info, emergency contact info as well as the person’s electronic fingerprints. Fingerprints are sent out to the county, state and federal government for a background check. The background check ensures that the person has no additional warrants, holds, or other issues that may prevent them from bonding out from custody or that may increase the total bail amount. The jailer also conducts a health evaluation, stores all the person’s property for safe keeping and takes their photo (mug shot). In order for a person to be released from custody, they must complete the booking process which includes completing the background check that can take several hours depending on the department of Justice’s workload.

Bail Bonds Downey: The Process

The fastest and easiest way to bail anyone of the Downey Jail is to meet one of our licensed bail bondsmen in the lobby of the Downey Police Department. This will expedite the bail process and help prevent the jail from transferring the arrestee to the county jail. Once we meet you at the jail lobby, we will sit down with you and explain the entire process, answer any questions and walk you through the process.

Our Process is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Complete our limited paperwork (takes about 15 mins)
    • Fill out our bail bond application
    • Sign the bail bond which is also your receipt
    • Sign our terms of release form
  2. Pay for the bail bond
  3. Wait for release (takes about 15 mins)

Once we have completed the paperwork, answered all questions and the bond has been paid for, we will call the jailer up to the lobby window where they will review the bond, accept it, and start the release process. The release process is very short in Downey and typically only takes about 15 minutes to complete. The jailer brings the arrestee directly to the lobby where we will wait for them. Once the arrestee is released, they must complete their part of the bail bond application and terms of release form. This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Once the paperwork is completed, we will need to take a picture of the defendant and answer any questions they may have. Whenever someone bails out of custody, they will be issued a new court date typically 30 days from the day that they bond out from custody. Once out, the bond is good for the entire court case even if it takes a year to complete.

What Happens When an Arrestee is transferred?

If an arrestee is transferred to one of the Los Angeles County Jails, they will start the booking process all over again. The booking process for the county jail is much longer than the booking process at a small station jail such as the Downey Police Department Jail. The volume of inmates in the county jails causes delays that a person in a station jail will not encounter. Male inmates will be taken to the Men’s Central Jail a.k.a. Twin Towers located in downtown Los Angeles. Female arrestees will be taken to the women’s jail facility in Lynwood, CA called Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF). We are able to post a bail bond at either county jail facility once the inmate has completed the booking process. We provide 24 hours local and direct service for county jails as well. Release times range from 4-8 hours once a bond is accepted.

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